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Admissions / Benefits

South Carolina Admissions Packet

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Admission Requirements

Eligibility for admission into the Palmetto Patriots Home is limited to three main criteria. 

Veteran served active duty with an honorable discharge
Veteran has been a resident of South Carolina for the previous 12 months
Veteran meets Veterans Administration criteria for skilled or intermediate nursing home care

Process for Admission

We would like to encourage you to apply for admission to the Palmetto Patriots Home if you or a Veteran you are responsible for is currently in a skilled care setting or feel that it may the right place.  Please feel free to schedule a visit or call to request additional information.  Admission to the Palmetto Patriots Home is an honor and a privilege that our Veterans have earned. 

For a full admission packet, eligible Veterans, family members, or representatives should contact our admissions coordinator, Jenna Camp, at 864-649-2000. 

Please request a copy of the admissions package or click on the link on this page to download and complete. 

Once paperwork is submitted, the Admissions Nurse will schedule an assessment of the Veteran. 

The Veteran/family/responsible party will be contacted shortly after assessment to be informed if the Veteran meets criteria for nursing home placement.

If the Veteran is accepted, he/she will be scheduled quickly for orientation and move-in or placed on the waiting list and will be contacted as soon as a bed becomes available.

Benefit, Cost, and Payment Information

The Palmetto Patriots Home is a facility unlike most others in South Carolina.  It has been built for the sole purpose of allowing eligible Veterans to receive a great benefit that they have earned for their service to the Nation.  Owned by the State of South Carolina, operated by VSI of South Carolina, and partially funded by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, this facility honors our Veterans’ service by providing the highest level of care in a highly desirable setting.   

  • Veterans Home cost includes room and board, nursing care, dining and nutritional services, laundry services, barber shop, salon, housekeeping services, phone and cable, and basic personal items such as briefs and toiletries.
  • The Veteran is responsible for daily co-pay, as determined annually.
  • A High Service Connected or Priority 1 – 70% or greater Service Connected disabled Veteran may be entitled to the full cost of veterans home care.
  • The Veteran is also responsible for the Palmetto Patriots Home contract physician cost, therapy, labs and medications. Unless otherwise provided by the VA, the charges are billed to the Veterans’ insurance coverage, such as Medicare, Medicaid, supplemental coverage, Tricare and Medicare part D coverage for medications.

Please call the Palmetto Patriots Veteran Home today to discuss rates, benefits, and eligibility!  There is absolutely no better option for a Veteran in need of skilled or intermediated skilled nursing care.